It is amazing to me that an entire condition is named after this joint in your jaw, everyone has this joint and most people have only heard about it in terms of this painful condition. While so many people out there are managing their pain and their symptoms most are just allowing the disorder to keep getting worse. It is terrifying to me that so many people find themselves being forced in for surgery, when there are many, many things that can be done to help before the joint is deteriorated to the point that surgery is necessary. In all my years of treating patients I have only had one person come in with TMJ who needed surgery and it was because the joint was already too worn away to matter. I believe strongly in the power of cranial work, facial work, and working through the mouth and jaw to manipulate where things are stuck and alleviate the pressure. This corrects the misalignment and allows the temporomandibular joint to function properly. Patients with TMJ have often suffered years of pain that affects their day to day life, there is a lot I can do in the early stages to eliminate the problem. As soon as you start feeling the pain of TMJ or hearing the tell tale click, come see me and let me help you avoid further pain and joint damage.