Spinal problems are most common complaint to any chiropractor. Usually people come running in for a “quick fix adjustment” spending 3-5 minutes with their Doctors. There are many things that cause subluxation (a minor mis-alignments of the spine), but there are ways to avoid re-occurrences to prevent permanent damage to your back and spine. Subluxation irritates the nerve, creating an interruption of communication from the brain to any cell, tissue or organ in the body. Often, people don’t realize that this can cause “weird” problems in other places in the body such as those organs! This can cause many things to go wrong in your body often sending doctors scrambling to diagnose the symptoms without getting to the cause. By removing nerve interference between the brain and the body, normal function can be restored to the whole body which allows a person to heal. I not only adjust the spine, I first take time to massage the body, opening it up and preparing it for movement, then if needed, I will a gentle adjustment to realign everything without any violence to the body. I seek to find the cause of the misalignment so that together we can prevent reoccurring injuries, thus restoring your health and preventing further damage to your spine. Living with frequent pain and affects not only your health but your relationships as well, I don’t just restore balance to your spine I help restore it to your life.