While most people don’t think of going to a chiropractor before trying for children, its highly beneficial to seek chiropractic care prior to conception. Pregnancy can make your body do a lot of funky things and its healthier for both you and your baby if you go into pregnancy already at your best. I can relieve some of the discomfort that goes along with pregnancy as well as teach you self care that will help both you and your baby. When it comes time for delivery my techniques of self care will come in handy but if labor stalls I’m happy to adjust you which some women find restarts labor naturally and cuts down on pushing time.

I have had some amazing success stories when working with women suffering from infertility. Many times doctors rush to cure fertility issues with drugs, and while they may end up conceiving a child you will have first gone through a lot of drugs and treatments. Often times, there is something going on in the body which may be putting pressure on the ovaries or the tiny Fallopian tube which can stop eggs from forming correctly. When I relieve pressure and restore your nervous system, the entire body begins to work the way it’s supposed to. After treatment several of my clients have been able to finally produce quality eggs and conceive naturally.