There are many things that cause headaches and determining the cause of your pain is the most important thing I will do for you. I will take the time to work with you and most importantly listen to you so we can determine the source of your pain. Most doctors are quick to recommend pain relievers to cure headaches. While popping a pill may help alleviate the common symptom, they do nothing to cure the underlying cause of a headache, which means the symptoms will likely persist. Many chiropractors offer a quick adjustment to “alleviate pressure” however, that is typically also a temporary fix and can cause more harm than good. A normal adjustment takes 2-5 minutes and uses extreme violence against the body, forcing movement and doing nothing to keep everything from popping back out of place. I seek the underlying cause of your headaches, which can be from tension and stress, to sinus pressure to more serious problems that I will have to refer you to another doctor to treat such as a tumor or blood clot. Once we establish the cause I use bodywork, traction support, breathing technique and then after slowly nurturing and preparing your body, leaving it open to movement, I may use low force adjustment if it’s still needed. I treat while I diagnose so we get the most out of our time together. Our treatment plan will be designed to keep you from having occurrences so you can enjoy life. I also feel I serve you best by teaching you self care, empowering you to take control of your wellness.